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The Study of Identification, potential and Problem at UPI Target Region Area Bandung. Indonesia University of Education carries the vision as pioneer and leading, that vision shows high determination from all civitas academica to bring UPI into a respected and authoritative education institution for education personnel located in Bandung is willing to carry out its role to conduct a Tridharma Perguruan Tinggi nationally and internationally. In Bandung city, specifically, UPI intends to cooperate with second level of local government in West Java to create an UPI target region as its implementation in community service field and research implementation. To implement the program, UPI conducted an activity in form o f a meeting with the regent leader with its SKPD and following up by a discussion with bapeda and local government personnel involved. The result of the discussion would be considered to determine an area that would be a target region in the shape of Social Education Laboratory during certain time so it was expected that in every second level of the local government exist a target region in the society. Started with a research activity entitled The study of identification, potentials and problems at UPI target region Bandung district. Field study was carried out in the beginning of the research in form of an interview with Bapeda, second, permission from the head of national unity, politic, and community protection. Then, discussion activity with Cicalengka local leader at Bandung. From the activity it was obtained 1) demographic and sociological potentials mapping and its problems in Bandung district ; 2) human development index mapping at Bandung district; 3) location mapping to be the target region at Bandung district. Based on the identification, it was obtained an area as UPI target area location at Cicalengka chosen was Nagrog village. The reasors were: 1) IPM at average category (72,08); 2) Reference from Bapeda Kabupaten Bandung by concerning the existence of that village as a Provincial Program; 3) It has 12 villages; 4) Local leader of Cicalengka agreed whit this program; 5) It was only 42 km from the city center. The program that was already dealt at the workshop attended by personnel from UPI and Bandung district involved, was a deal the program to be done together to conduct an activity at the UPI target region in Cicalengka Bandung district and Nagrog village as the target. This UPI program in 2010 had been done an activity in target region that was KKN carried out by the students for 40 days and community service done by lecturers for two activities headed for women in the village that concerned various aspects of family welfare (PKK) at Nagrog village

Kata kunci : Potentials, Problems, Programs and Implementation

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