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TERAS: Jurnal Ilmiah Arsitektur, diterbitkan sejak 20 Mei 2001 oleh Jurusan Pendidikan Arsitektur Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI) di Bandung, dengan nomor ISSN 1412-0135. Terbit setahun dua kali, yaitu setiap bulan Juli dan Desember


« Volume IX Nomor 2, Desember 2009


Suhandy Siswoyo
Regions transmigration areas that have been developed in all corners of Indonesia (outside Java and Bali) have a small part of them grow and become the center-center ¬ new growth, but most still require the effort of handling that can be developed into centers of production. Various problems faced in the development of residential units such as the transmigration level accessibility to the location of transmigration rate, the transmigrants production that can not be marketed, transmigration of marginal land (not fertile), infrastructure facilities and poor socio-economic development and the business transmigrant land ownership disputes. This can result in economic activity does not increase, the income transmigrannya remains low, did not have a resettlement village charm for the owner of capital to develop the business, the needs of the community still depends on foreign settlement.
Lore Poso in the area of Poso district is the area that the development on the agricultural sector. The administrative region has four districts, divided into six Regions Development Unit (SKP). Center City Integrated Self in this area of 150 ha, have a variety of public and social facilities, economic, housing, government, and liturgy.

Kata kunci : City Integrated Self, Transmigration region, Regional Development

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