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« Volume 11 No. 1 Maret 2013

MARDHAT ALLAH: TUJUAN HIDUP QURANI (Dari Refleksi Pemikiran Tafsir ke Pemikiran Pendidikan)

Rudi Ahmad Suryadi
The goal of human life can be reduced to the concept of educational aims. Interpretation of the Holy Quran on the conception of this god has mardhat Allah assumptions on the development of the "theory" of education in theological education. Education as an endeavor should be able to bring a person to achieve the pleasure of Allah. Through on Holy Quran, Allah's consent will be transformed if the educational process aiming at reaching the pleasure of Allah. The purpose of education is not merely aim to educate people in intelectual aspect alone. Moreover, education should be oriented towards the ultimate goal is the pleasure of Allah. Education should strive to awaken people who are born in a state of purity, God has breathed His holy spirit, and should be back in a state of purity, calm, and pleasure. To return to the sanctity of it, then education should have the initiative to usher people into sincere in performing worship to Him, encouraging people to sole trust, do good deeds, also fighting and good sacrifice, simply because God

Kata kunci : goal of human life, mardhat Allah, educational aims

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