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« Volume 1, Nomor 1, April 2010


Geugeut Istifany Haq, Anna Permanasari, Hayat Sholihin
The efectivity of lime juice on the cooked rice’s shelf-life was investigated. This research was proposed to get the optimal codition, such as concentration, time of adding, and container to store the modificated cooked rice. The efectivity was analysed physically, bacteriologically, and nutritionally. The variation of lime juice’s concentration that have been used were 0%, 0,45%, 0,93%, 1,40%, and 1,87%; the adding time were before and after cooking the rice; and the container to store the modificated cooked rice were the rice warmer and the plastic basket. The obervation of cooked rice’s quality was done every 12 hours, including colour, smell, flavour, and total coliforms. The result showed that the optimal concentration was 0,93%, adding time was before cooking the rice, and the container was the rice warmer. In addition, the shelf-life of cooked rice increased in values following the increasing of lime juice’s consentration. Also there was a change on the nutrition, the water level decreased 0,79%, the carbohydrate level increased 6,52%, and the protein level increased 0,86%. This changes showed that the cooked rice got the destruction during stroring.

Kata kunci : lime juice, cooked rice, Bacillus cereus

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