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« Vol. IV No. 1 Januari 2010

Model Pendidikan Nilai Sosial Budaya dalam Keluarga dan Lingkungan Manusia Bajo di Bajoe

The study was aimed at finding and describing socio-cultural values education model in the Bajo’s family and environment. The study used a qualitative approach with case study method. The study found that the model of socio-cultural values education on the Bajo in bequeathing, spreading, and constructing socio-cultural values take place in two areas of life: on land and at sea. The land area bequeaths socio-cultural values through the media of family, school, and community, while the sea area bequeaths socio-cultural values through the media of boat and sapa. The patterns of inheritance and construction occur through the methods of habituation, imitation, identification, provision of reward and punishment,and togetherness in the family, while the pattern of spreading through customs. Realization of socio-cultural values in the Bajo’s children takes place in two ways, verbal and non verbal.

Kata kunci : education model, social values, culture, the Bajo

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