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« Vol. III No. 2 Juli 2009

Pengembangan Program Pembelajaran Berbasis Kompetensi untuk Meningkatkan Keterampilan Berbahasa Asing di Perguruan Tinggi

Azis Mahfuddin
Of the problems emerging in a foreign language learning process at some Indonesian universities is students’ low achievement, caused by, to certain extent, their insufficient oppurtinity to practice the language skills as their competence. This study is aimed at producing and developing a competence-based learning program at university consisting of planning, implementation, and evaluation. Using research and development method at German Department Indonesia University of Education, the study found that planning stage should consist of goals, materials, activities, media, and evaluation. Implementation state should comprise introductory, exploration, discussion, clarification, and closing. Evaluation include process and result. Analysis shows that competence-based language program has positive and significant influence on the improvement of students’ language skills. This program is evidently more effective and better than that currently implemented most university lectures at this university.

Kata kunci : competence-based learning program; language skills

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