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« Vol. III No. 1 Januari 2009

Internalisasi Nilai-Nilai Sufistik Melalui Musikalisasi Qashidah Burdah

Fadlil Yani Ainusyamsi
This qualitative study describes and analyzes the implementation, support and barriers in internalizing sufistic values through Qashidah Burdah (QB) to Muslim students in Darussalam Islamic Boarding School, Ciamis, West Java. The study finds that, first, sufistic values in QB include syauq, machabbah, tarku al-syahwat, muchâsabah al-nafs, zuhud and sufistic personality of Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Second, as its media, the integrated aesthetic and expressions form unity of element in QB musicalization through 8 beats (melancholies) of pop music. Third, teacher explains the sufistic values and presents QB musicality so that the students could proactively personify these values. Finally, QB influences the unrest feeling of the students (the respondents) and help them to feel ‘effication’ scrutinized in their heart, concentration and respect as an alternative solution to cure their unrest feelings.

Kata kunci : sufistic values, musikalisasi kasidah, efikasi

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