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Hudiyono (Kepala Dinas Pendidikan Propinsi Jawa Timur))
. Education is a process of learning the knowledge, skills and habits of a group of people who are passed on from one generation to the next generation through teaching, training, and research. Some say the definition of education is a conscious effort carried out systematically in realizing an atmosphere of teaching and learning so that students can develop their potential. With education, a person can have intelligence, noble character, personality, spiritual strength, and skills that benefit themselves and society.
In English, the word education is called Education where etymologically the word comes from Latin, namely Eductum. The word Eductum consists of two words, E which means development from the inside out, and Duco which means developing. So etymologically the meaning of education is the process of developing one's own abilities and individual strengths. So, briefly understanding education is a process of learning for students to have an understanding of something and make it a critical human in thinking Education is a deliberate effort to provide assistance and assistance to children in the direction of adult and responsible human development. Because of that education is a process in education that covers three aspects to be achieved, namely cognitive aspects, effective aspects, and psychomotor aspects. The formulation that emphasizes the purpose of Islamic education to arrive at the formation of a child's personality that is not out of Islamic teachings and the third opinion also emphasizes the formation of the main personality, where his personality can be seen in terms of ways of doing it, thinking, thinking that is colored by the teachings Islam. It turns out that in terms of general education and Islamic religious education there are similarities and there are also differences, where the similarities include: (1) funding efforts to prepare and provide supplies to children, (2) the existence of educators as givers, (3) the existence of the educated as lunch recipients, and (4) the existence of clear educational goals. In terms of the difference, general education emphasizes that students become adults, while Islamic religious education emphasizes the formation of the main personality in accordance with the norms of Islamic teachings. With general education, as a support for the achievement of Islamic education.

Kata kunci : Types of Leadership, Its Role, Educational Quality, Religious Values

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