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Iskandar Agung (Principal Researcher for Education Policy Pusbindiklat LIPI)
The Law No. 14 of 2005 on Teachers and Lecturers and the Ministrial National Education Regulation No. 16 of 2007 state that a minimum standard of teacher’s qualification should be Srata 1 (S-1) and Diploma 4 (D-4), and has had a professional and high competence.To determine that teachers have had a professional and high competence, they are given a competency test. Those who have passed the test are given educational certificate. However, despite the majority of teachers have already passed the competency test, the certification of the competency test has not improved the quality of students’ learning outcomes yet. The effort of improvement of teachers’ competency should be encouraged and it needs a change and the development global environment in the 21st century marked by a tight competitiveness among nations which requires high competence teachers in order to be able to produce quality output learners, have good quality, have good character, and have nationality building.Therefore, the distribution component of teacher competence as stated in the regulations, it shoul be criticized and reviewed. In this paper, the competence of teachers are advised to be revised to 6 (six) components, namely; (1) The scientific competence, (2) instructional competence, (3) leadership competence, (4) communication competence, (5) the work professional value competence, and (6) the competence character education and spiritual.

Kata kunci : teachers, competence, change, scentific, learning

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