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« Vol. X No.2 Agustus 2017


Rama Dwika Herdiawan (Majalengka University West Java)
In line with foreign language context, classroom management strategies have played crucial roles in not only managing the students’ activities but also enhancing the students’ English proficiencies. Nevertheless, most of the lecturers think that managing the classroom is the toughest job which involves the innovation as well as well organization in it. Regarding the issues mentioned above, the study is aimed to investigate classroom management strategies used by the lecturer in teaching English to the Indonesian education department of Majalengka University. In addition, it is also aimed to describe the learning outcomes toward the teaching and learning process as well as the related scores gained in the whole cycles. This is also related to classroom action research which implemented three cycles with the different materials as well as the classroom management strategies. The results reveal that each cycle has different findings and also learning outcomes. On the other hand, there was improvement from cycle 1 to cycle 3. It is also mentioned that the classroom management strategies are very useful for fostering the students’ English proficiencies.

Kata kunci : Classroom management strategies, EFL learners, and English proficiency

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