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Maman (SMAN 2 Ciamis)
This study aims to determine whether the Purpose of teaching Arabic determine the approach, methods and techniques of language teaching. Approach which in Arabic is called ?????? is a set of assumptions about the nature of language and the nature of language teaching and learning. Methods (???????) is a comprehensive plan with regard to the presentation of language materials on a regular basis, there is not one piece as opposed to the others and all of them based on the approach that has been selected. Mechanical (???????) is what actually happens in the classroom and the implementation of the method. In other words, approach, method and technique has close links at all with the goal of language teaching. (Arsyad: 2002.Oleh for the purpose of teaching a language should be formulated in such a way that the direction that will be addressed right on target. Teaching Arabic by Masri aims: (a) providing knowledge and skills to students of Arabic as a language of science and communication (b) provides the ability to speak Arabic to students in order to be able to speak, read, and write (c) prepare students for the knowledge and ability to speak Arabic as a condition for further studies into and out of the country that use Arabic (d) preparing students to be able to speak Arabic in preparation to work in areas that use Arabic as information, tourism, services both at home and abroad, especially in the Middle East (e) students can understand the Qur'an and Hadith as a source of law Islam. the cause of the failure of a teaching of foreign languages, especially Arabic, according to Prof. Dr. Azhar Arsyad (2002: 35) is: (*) students are not productive (*) students have the nature of dependence (*) no communication between the humanistic -people who are in class (*) attention is not focused, not engaged in full (*) students are often told to "memorize" .Bermula of the above problems that the author intends to discuss one of the good language teaching methods and prepare reports this classroom action research with the title "Implementation method Muhadasah in Learning Arabic Speaking to Increase success Class XII - A SMAN 2 Ciamis.

Kata kunci : Muhadatsah, Learning Arabic, Enhancing the success of Speaking

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