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« Volume 5, Nomor. 1, April 2016


Novika Yulyani, Didin Saripudin, Syarif Moeis
This study aims to explain the art of Tutunggalan in Mekarjaya Village Kiarapedes Subdistrict, and Cijunti Village Campaka Subdistrict Purwakarta that continuously develops from 1990-2012, specifically in the development of its function. The main point in the study is how the art of Tutunggalan develops in Purwakarta from 1990-2012? Method used in this study is historic method, that includes heuristic, critic, interpretation, and historiography approaches. The study found that the art of Tutunggalan existed since ages ago and was inherited hereditary from community’s creativeness. It also found that Tutunggalan’s sacred function changed into a propan entertainment. The art of Tutunggalan has been spreading in several areas in Purwakarta, however the writers only chose two villages that still maintain the art of Tutunggalan, which are Mekartajaya Village Kiarapedes Subdistrict and Cijunti Village Campaka Subdistrict. Mekarjaya Village presents Tutunggalan with double functions, which are ritual and entertainment function, while Cijunti Village presents Tutunggalan only as an entertainment function. The development of Tutunggalan aims to maintain the continuous of traditional art in the midst of technology development.

Kata kunci : Tutunggulan Art, Mekarjaya Village, Cijunti Village, Purwakarta Distric

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