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« Proceeding " 6th Pedagogy International Seminar 2015" ISBN 978-979-3786-50-6 JILID IV Halaman: 1193-1457


1)Yuni Pantiwati & 2)Husamah, UMM Malang
The science teacher at SMP Muhammadiyah Kota Batu understand and realize that science education has an important role in preparing qualified human resources to face the era of industrialization and globalization, one of them with literacy skills. The method used is the passage and mentoring training includes socializing, discussions, workshops, training, direct practice, and evaluation. Results of the analysis of the situation to the problems solved jointly agreed priorities 4 junior high science teacher, two teachers of SMP Muhammadiyah 8 and 2 teachers of SMP Muhammadiyah 2 Batu. Conclusion of the activity: 1) the science teachers at SMP Muhammadiyah Kota Batu has increased its ability to understand the assessment of authentic, assessment Traditionally, the concept of literacy, and the nature of scientific literacy, 2) There are 23 questions that are prepared teachers include: a) seven items for the dimension " measuring the ability of knowledge concepts ", b) there are no items to dimension" to measure the ability to use scientific knowledge in analyzing a text or article ", c) seven items for the dimensions" measure using knowledge or concepts significantly ", d) nine items for the dimension "measures the ability to analyze and evaluate the use of data or events", and e) none of the items to dimension "measure problem-solving skills".

Kata kunci : Literasi, Sains, IPA, SMP

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