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« Vol. XIII No. 2 Oktober 2011


Yoyon Bahtiar Irianto
Changing the status of University Teachers' Training College became not merely be viewed as replacing a trade-mark of mission premises add to the LPTK mission coincided with the university's mission. But it is an opportunity to build robustness ininstitutional mission of science-based identity. Implementation of the mission was not only focuses on the opening of educational courses and non-educational, but it needs to be supported by the institutional development planning system software that provides opportunities to strengthen educational programs and educational disciplines in the field of educational professionalism. Education profession is essentially a development of meaningfulness a discipline that has a regularity concept, breadth of theory, methodology sharpness, and meaningfulness in life science applications. While the significance of educational programs and professional disciplines can only be achieved if educational institutions or majors and study programs have the flexibility to develop themselves with the support of strategic programs of the university level. Therefore, planning system and development of institutional structures, needs to be organized and directed at strengthening the institutional identity, so the development of institutional programs and activities always lead to the achievement of the targets the primary mission of institutions that are at work unit level.

Kata kunci : mission, identity, disciplines, professional, programs and performance indicators.

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