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« Volume 3, Nomor 2 ,Oktober 2014

PONDOK PESANTREN DAN PENDIDIKAN POLITIK (Kajian Historis di Pondok Pesantren Al-Ishlah Kecamatan Compreng Kabupaten Subang 1999-2014)

Boarding school is not just intellectual education institutions, but also from the education of spiritual, moral education, and as a social institution. Boarding school as an educational institution, is often used by politicians political commodity interested so often found in the campaign season, the candidates and the team went to boarding school success with a variety of modes, but the essence of the candidates were asked the blessing and prayers to Kiai, and requested spiritual support and the support of the masses. The method used in this study is the historical method which includes four stages, namely heuristics, criticism, interpretation, and historiography. While the research techniques used were interviews and literature studies, namely by examining the sources of literature relating to the issues studied. From the results of research on Political Education event at Pondok Pesantren Al-Ishlah, it can be concluded that (1) Political Education Efforts in Ponpes Al Ishlah Compreng, shall be in the Formal Education, Non-Formal and Informal Education and Practical Forms of Political Education, (2) . Political education curriculum material that is applied in Al-Ishlah Ponpes adapted to form from the education levels and levels of formal, non-formal and practical politics. The material of the practical political education as a whole can be read in a book by Ushfuri Anshor KH (2012), leaders and caregivers ponpes Al-Ishlah Subang, entitled "Not Too Late Before Doomsday 'is not a campaign, but describes the liability of Law NU Select PKB" . (3). Pesantren role in political education takes the form of the manifold, in accordance with the role played by Kiai, Ustadz, Nyai or students.

Kata kunci : Pesantren, pendidikan dan Politik

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