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« Volume 3, Nomor 2 ,Oktober 2014


This paper is titled “The Role of Australia Labor Party towards Indonesia Independence Struggle in 1945-1949”. The problems which are examined in this paper is “How the relation of Australia Labor Party with Indonesia in 1945-1949?”. As for, the aim of this study is to (1) explaining the background of Australia Labor Party in supporting Indonesia’s independence struggle in 1945-1949, (2) explaining the support from Australia Labor Party towards Indonesia in 1945-1949 and (3) explaining the impact which is caused by Australia Labor Party support towards Indonesia’s independence struggle in 1945-1949. The study method which is used in this study is historical method. The data collection method in this study uses literature study. This study also uses interdisciplinary approach by using concept and political and sociological science theory which relevant with the problems which are studied. From the study, it can be revealed that in implementing their foreign policy, the Australia Labor Party is summoned to play their role in the independence of the Republic of Indonesia and also democracy in Indonesia and prevents Dutch imperialism back to Indonesia. Actually, the position of Australia Labor Party government is in difficult situation. In one hand, the Australia Labor Party has political view which is anti colonialism, on the other hand, Australia Labor Party wants to help the Dutch to bring back the Dutch-Indies control in Indonesia.

Kata kunci : Australia Labor Party, Indonesia Independence

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