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Model Pembelajaran Pendidikan Kewirausahaan di SMK Melalui Pendekatan Experiential Learning Theory (ELT)

Sarwa, Khafi Puddin, Mintoro Priyadi
This study aims to develop a learning model of Entrepreneurship Education (EE) in vocational secondary school (SMK) in North Sumatra. Development of a model designed to adapt the model ELT (Experiential Learning Theory), which are aligned with best practices (best practices) that has been successfully executed. Research activities have been conducted in year 1 of the 2-year plan is the implementation stage of a preliminary study on EE learning practices over the years. Research was designed in first year was development models and model validation process is terminated. The results of a preliminary study of 6 SMK samples in Medan, Binjai and Deli Serdang obtained as follows: preparation of teachers teaching quite well done; theoretical content was implemented of learning conducted by lecture, discution, a little discussion with teaching aids are limited to the blackboard and sourced Textbooks, on-line media and teachers, methods of simulation and the game is never done; evaluation system of learning is done mostly by the method of written test and a small portion can be commissioned the Business Proposals (Business Plan). As the implementation of the curriculum in 2013, researchers have developed the study so that the results of this study can be obtained powerful and implementable in order to obtain an overview of changes in the subject's readiness Entrepreneurship (Curriculum 2008) to subject crafts and Entrepreneurship. The results of a study of teachers who have attended the KWU upgrading preparatory curriculum implementation in 2013 who had been teaching the material about the science entrepreneur (business) experience.

Kata kunci : Entrepreneurship Education (EE), Vocational Secondary School (SMK).

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