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« Prosiding Konvensi Nasional APTEKINDO VII dan Temu Karya XVIII FPTK/FT-JPTK Se-Indonesia (Bagian I hal 1 sd. 191)

Peran Lembaga Sertifikasi Profesi Pihak Pertama dalam Memastikan Kompetensi Lulusan LPTK

Development of LPTK is intended to educate students with high academic ability and competency, so it was accepted by the labor market quickly. To ensure, measure, and maintain the competency of students, LPTK can implementing a certification of competence for students during study. To perform the competency test, LPTK need to establish a first party professional certification body (LSPP1). The LSPP1 serves as a sertificator, which carry out certification of competence, and as a developer, which is develop test and certification services, maintenance, and development of competency standards. The LSPP1 formation by LPTK is an important step to improve the quality of learning process systematically and consistently. One of the characteristic function of LSPP1 is doing the assessment using the criteria and level of competence in accordance with international standards or specific standards. Development of professional certification system for LPTK is intended to respond to the progress and independence to facilitate the fulfillment of the demands of the industry global market. As it relates to control of skills, the certification process can be a liaison between the needs of LPTK with the demands of labor market and the principle of link and match between the LPTK and the working world can be realized.

Kata kunci : competency, first party, professional certification body, standards, link and match

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