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« Vol.8, No.15, Juli 2009

Creative Industrial Development Models Based on Syariah Economics in Globalization

Amir Machmud
Creative Industry is one of principal pillar in developing creative economic sector which assume can give positive impact to nation and state life. Syariah economics through mechanism of financial institution of Syariah is one of evidence “creative of industry" what has durability from finance crisis knocking over world. Solution to creative industrial problem and challenge and Syariah economics in Indonesia at globalization era is by making Syariah economics as foundation in creative industrial expansion in Indonesia. This model explains creative industry in developing like building which must have anvil, pillar and roof, as element from the building. Through this model expected creative industry developed with foundation of Syariah economics is not only can race growth of national economics but also increases absorption of labour.

Kata kunci : Creative Industry, Syariah Economics and Globalization

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