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« Vol.3, No.5, Juli 2004

Strategi Penentuan Lokasi Manfaat Geografi Information System (GIS) Bagi Kegiatan Ekonomi dan Bisnis

Drs. Hendri Winata
The rapid development of information technology creates new class of society, know┬Čledge-based society. The emergence of this new society prompts the development of knowledge-based economy. In the new economy, information, data, and knowledge are axial principles that create wealth.
Economists, however, sees the creation of wealth, differently in this era. The creation must not destroy the environment. Hence, environmentally-lriendly economic activities emerge as the way of balancing the urgency to fulfill needs and wants with the urgency to improve, to preserve and to maintain both the quality of human and their environment. The statements support the emergence of geographical economics or the economic geography.
The new concept of economic rests heavily upon the information technology, which is Geographic Information Systems (GIS). GIS deals with spatial data analysis. For economists, government, and policy makers, GIS facilitates them in deciding which areas are most suitable for economy, business or industrial site. In the term of economics, GIS help econonrics in building and realizing the new location theory. The decision of economy, business and/ or industrial location (industrial cluster), becomes important at present. Experts argue that it is the only way of transforming comparative advantage to competitive advantage.

Kata kunci : Knowledge-based economy, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Industrial cluster & Competitive advantage

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