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« Vol.2, No.4, Jan 2004

Kontribusi Komunikasi dan Iklim Organisasi terhadap Kinerja Guru di SMU Kota Bandung

Drs. Suwatno, M.Si.
The aim of this research is to analyze the influence of communications between the principal and teachers, in school environment and organization climate, for teachers’ performance senior high school in bandung municipality in this research, the communication between the principal and teachers is divided into four styles of communication, which are: 1) telling style, 2) selling style, 3) participating style, and 4) delegating style. The writer measures the effectiveness of four styles of communication. The method used is explanatory survey method. The result of this research shows that teachers’ performance, as a frame of reference becomes important factor in determining the effectiviness of communication between the principal and teachers. Furthermore, the research places the climate of school organization as an indicator thet influences the behavior of individual in organization.

Kata kunci : Kontribusi Komunikasi, Iklim Organisasi, Kinerja Guru

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