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« Vol.2, No.3, Okt 2003

Kepemimpinan Militer: Sejarah Singkat, nilai, prinsip dan ciri khusus

Syam Soemanegara
In essence, there is no difference between military and civilian leadership. Both can be defined as the achievement of goals through other people. The definition, however, is inadequate to give a concise but clear picture of the essence of military leadership. The article describes a brief history of military organization, values, principles, that shape military leadership. It is also describes the uniqueness of Indonesian’s military leadership, which creates two distinctive characteristics; Democracy-Constructive and Authoritarian-Constructive.
The article is based on historical, anthropological, sociological and management science approach to describe military leadership.

Kata kunci : Kepemimpinan Militer, Sejarah Singkat, nilai, prinsip, ciri khusus

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