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« Vol.1, No.2, Jan 2003

Uji Pengawasan Kualitas dengan Metode Statistical Quality Control (SQC) (Studi di Perusahaan Pembuat Pisau Seni T. Kardin Pisau Indonesia)

Rizky Dermawan
Quality lies in the eyes of beholder. Today, quality becomes important key to winning global competition. Industries start to implement various methods in their production and operation activities. Neglecting the importance of achieving high quality cause deep impact to developing and maintaining companies’ future market. In this study, one quantitative methods of achieving high quality, Statistical Quality Control (SQC) was implemented within hand-made-art-knife-company. The result shows that knives production process is within the standardize procedure of making high quality knives determined by international standard.

Kata kunci : Quality Control (SQC)

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