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« Volume IX Nomor 2, Desember 2009


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The process of rapid urbanization without handling the problem of housing in the city of Bandung, causing the development of slum villages (slum) and wild (squatter), among others located in the Southern District of District Neglasari Padasuka Bandung. This region increasingly crowded and the population in the area is difficult to control. In addition, economic growth in this area do not visit showed better growth. Housing conditions and environmental quality is also becoming more and more drastic decline. This can not be tolerated and require handling concepts and comprehensive improvement.
Results of research conducted, showing that there are various problems and constraints related to the existence of slums and illegal viewed from the aspect of land use, the status and legality of land, physical and environmental conditions and the settlement of social and economic conditions of the inhabitants. Slum improvement and wild is very dependent on government support provided through policies, including the existence of strict sanctions for every violation. In addition, it is important to involve community participation in the process of slum improvement to the village there is a feeling of belonging to the existence of the environment

Kata kunci : Slum Improvement, Squatter

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