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Aam Amaliah Rahmat
When Megawati had chosen as the leader of “Partai Demokrasi Indonesia” (PDI) “Democratic Indonesian Party” in 1993 had made people shocked. Not only because she was the daughter of First Indonesia President and founding Father Soekarno bat also because she had supported by the grass root movements. It had raised the frightened of Orde Baru (New Order) regime with the raise of Soekarnoism. The step of research were divided into four major phase, which is heuristic, critic, Interpretation and historiography. This research seek the answers of five major questions, 1) how the background of the July 27th 1996 event? What is the major factor whose had been conflicting Megawati and Soerjadi in the body of PDI? How the process of July 27th 1996 event? 4) how the effects of July 27th 1996 event? And 5) how the solution of the chaotic event July 27th 1996? The July 27th 1996 event was the attacking effort of Soerjadi supporter, ABRI (the Military), and the gangster to DPP PDI Diponegoro street whose the basis of Megawati supporter, after her first chosen as the Main Leader of PDI party. PDI was divided into two side between Soerjadi who became the Main Leader after rejecting the result of congress who had chosen Megawati, he made the same congress in Medan on June 1996. The effects of July 27th 1996 event was Megawati was alienated to be the leader of PDI and had been changed by Soerjadi, the index of capital decreased, the lack of rate investment after chaotic event, and reorganization in the military elite (ABRI). The resolution of conflict to the court by following the judicial schema, but because the lack of evident the attack movement was resolved politically.

Kata kunci : Democratic Indonesian Party (PDI), Military, ORBA, Chaos.

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