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Ai Rospirawati
The research was based on the discrepancy between the role of men (youth) and the role of women in the physical revolution, but in the struggle for the Indonesian independence apart from the role of man, women also played an important role, many of whom were members of the women organization called Perwari. The researcher used the historical method, with the key issue studied "What was the role of the organization of the Association of Republic of indonesia Women (Perwari) during the Physical Revolution 1945-1949?."Perwari is an amalgamation of women's organizations, Wani and Perwani, which has the objectives as listed in the 1945 Constitution article 27 regarding the equality of rights and obligations between men and women in public and the community. The forms of struggles by Perwari during the independence war could be seen from the results of the decisions of the three congresses held by Perwari during the struggle for independence. Perwari took part in the battle against invaders both in the front and rear lines, as well as the general strike of March the first. Regarding the development of Perwari after the struggle for the independence, the focus of women who are members of the organization Perwari is more on improving all fields in the development. In this case Perwari members want the advancement of education especially for the achievement of Indonesia in having better human resources.

Kata kunci : Perwari, Organization, Perwani, Wani, Physical Revolution

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