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Rohullah Ali Khamaeni Az Zain
Golongan Karya Organization (Golkar), which has a former name Sekretariat Bersama Golongan Karya organization, is one of organizations born in 1964. The organization grew and arises in harmony with a purpose to balance an influence of vast mass power of Komunis Indonesia Party (PKI). Meddle in Orde Baru, Sekretariat Bersama Golongan Karya reorganized its name become Golongan Karya as a preparation to go along in 1971 election. Golkar was supported by military, bureaucracy, and Golkar took itself to be a winner along the election of 1971 until 1997 one. Used research step is historical methods; they are heuristic, criticism, interpretation and historiography. Meanwhile research questions in this examination are divided into three, 1) How are emergence background of Sekretariat Bersama Golongan Karya in 1964-1971? 2) How does Golkar develop in Orde Baru era highlighted at its leaders? 3) How are strategies which are mannered by Golkar in 1971-1997 election winning? 4) How are roles of President Soeharto towards Golkar in his capacity as Council Leader of Golkar?. From the results, researcher obtained several information as follows: Golkar organization rose as one movement to balance the mass politic power of Komunis Indonesia Party (PKI) in Indonesia Politic. Besides, Golkar developed as one new socio-politic power which succeeds get wins in each election at OrdeBaru era (1971-1997).

Kata kunci : Golongan Karya Organization, OrdeBaru Politic

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