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Ratnasih Widaningsih
This research entitled “The Development of Nadar Ceremony on District Jatigede in Sumedang Year 1985-2005” (a history study of people tradition). The background event came from the wandering of the researcher to the situation and condition of the development of traditional ceremony in Sumedang whose in risk. The main problem of this research was “How is the development of Nadar Ceremony in Jatigede district in Kabupaten Sumedang in the period of 11985-2005?” this problem were divided into three point; 1) why the people of Jatigede celebrating Nadar? 2) How is the process of Nadar Ceremony?; 3) How the response of people into the celebration of Nadar?; 4) How the afford of government to preserve the continuity of Nadar tradition? The main purpose of this researcher were 1) to describe the background event of Nadar Ceremony; the process of Nadar; the response of people of Nadar; and to describe the afford of government to preserve the tradition of Nadar. The method that was used for this research is the history method. The social approach were used for analyzing this problem, common used the concepts from sociology and anthropology. The main sources came from the result of interviews with the subjects and by study literature. The result of the research were, 1) Nadar was anonym and was heradited from one generation to the next generation time by time. 2) The Nadar Ceremony divided into three session (preparation, procession, and after procession). 3) The Nadar Ceremony was celebrated in any kind of celebration in the society such as marriage and to say thank for the blessing of God. 4) The Nadar Ceremony since 2004 were celebrated in family momentums.

Kata kunci : ceremony, traditional, nadar and Sumedang.

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