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« Volume 4 Nomor 1 Juli 2007


Supratman Agus
This Study for identify the performance characteristic level of service in terminal Ledeng. The result of performances service parameter: 1). Only with 59,06 % from totalizing the amount of public transport permitted, capacity of the terminal Ledeng lower than the service capacities needed, that is 858.82 < 1065 vehicles per day, 2). Terminal Ledeng having the type classification B is not functioning as node of modal split, but only as the through traffic lane of public transport vehicles, with the service pattern is very influenced by society activity on holiday and by level of service of Setiabudi street in front of terminal; 3).Time average in queue system 15 minutes/vehicle, average number vehicles service system 15 vehicle; average waiting time 28,8-55,55 minute and average queue lengths of 16,14 metre.

Kata kunci : Level Parameter services Terminal

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