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Tapilouw Marthen
The aims of this study are to analyze and describe the students’ achievement on mathematics comprehension, reasoning, and communication ability based on Contextual Teaching and Learning (CTL) through REACT approach. The method of this study is quasi experiment, and the samples are 3 SMPs that consist of higher, middle, and lower rank of students at SMP in Bandung City. This study was carried out at 2 classes of grade VIII from each school, that were chosen through random cluster sampling. The results of this study are, that the mathematics comprehension, reasoning, and communication from REACT classes are better than those of conventional classes of the higher rank SMP. But the achievements based on prior mathematics ability of the lower rank SMP of the REACT class and conventional class is slightly different. Only at the lower rank SMP, the mathematics reasoning ability of conventional class is higher than the REACT class. Most of the students experiencing difficulties on solving mathematics essay test that aimed at measuring their reasoning ability. The constrain of REACT’s learning that focus on giving chance to construct new knowledge based on students’ ability is the time management on each class activity because of the limited school schedule. The conclusion of this study is that Contextual Teaching and Learning through REACT approach is a better choice to promote the development of mathematics ability, because most of the students are motivated to learn and develop their mathematics ability as well.

Kata kunci : REACT (Relating, Experiencing, Applying, Cooperating, and Transferring). Comprehension

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