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Chaerul Rochman Program Studi Pendidikan, Fisika Fak. Tarbiyah dan Keguruan UIN SGD Bandung
The physics teacher candidate at Islamic Religion College (PTAI) have to possess main ability of subject matter and learning physics and expected to be able to integrate Islamic values on learning. This research aims to describe the Islamic values, the importance of integration of Islamic values in physics learning, to develope of physics learning program, to describe the relation of student ability components, and to describe the supplementary factor and implementation contrains of integration of Islamic values at physics learning program. This research applies research and development method consist of preliminari study, construct of model, improvement of model, and verification phase to physic learning program bases on Islamic values. The other parts of this research apply descriptive method. The research data are obtained by using the instrument such as; test, portfolio, quetionare and interview. Based on the result of inferential research, we found: (1) Islamic values and the importance of integration of Islamic values are based on value Iman, Islam and Ihsan and described at physic learning program by integrating seven principal values such as; honest value, discipline, fair, cooperation, visioner, responsibility, and care; (2) learning program made the change of student ability on planning of physic learning (N-gain 0,38); (3) the student ability-average in integrating Islamic values at matter and physics lesson planning at 63,5%; (4) relation between the ability of student academic in integrating Islamic values at study is strong (r= 0,77); and (5) factor that is supporting the implementation of integration of Islamic value at physic learning program: vision, mission, and characteristic; curriculum structure, and program, student interest, relevant teaching material, pioneering team teaching; and the obstruct factor is are the less of understanding and awareness of integration implementation on Islamic value, access of information to the vision and mission, and expert person

Kata kunci : Islamic value, physics teaching and learning, and integrating of Islamic value

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