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KESENIAN TRADISIONAL RIWAYATNYA KINI (Antara Nilai-Nilai Tradisi dan Modernisasi)

Drs. Ayi Budi Santosa, M. Si., Dra. Murdiyah Winarti, M. Hum Wawan Darmawan, S.Pd
This researched is purposed to explain the problems that can be formulated in one big question ”why traditional art doesn’t get positive response from the society around?” Traditional art is part of society life that provides vary of entertainment, direction, guide, and advice. Traditional art is develop continuously, from generation to generation, and keeps hold on past tradition or past concept. But along with new era the existance of traditional art shows sad condition which it become less existance and there are fewer artists who seriously involve in it. This research can be means as one little effort to documented several traditional arts so it wouldn’t dissapeared or slightly marginalized. So that the existance of traditional art will remain although from written information that can be used for local science in school or as part of extraculiculer and so on. After that it can develop the spirit of traditional art in next generation by reenactment the traditional art among the society.

Kata kunci : Art traditional, modernism. artist

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