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Pengaruh Kualitas Pelayanan Bidan terhadap Kepuasan Pasien Berdasarkan Model Parasuraman

Noviyanti, Hidayat Wijayanegara, Ma’mun Sutisna
A private hospital MK in Cimahi which carries a social mission to increase public health level through service given by qualified health power. To guarantee the success of service given should be noticed on satisfaction. One of the dimensions according to Parasuraman et al are reliability, responsiveness, assurance, empathy, and tangible. Based on preliminary survey patients were expecting improvements of tangible and midwives skill in applying service. The objective of this research is to understand the impact of quality of midwives services over patients satisfaction based on Parasuraman et al model at maternity unit of MK Hospital in Cimahi, so that it can be input for the hospital to increase the patients visit.
Method of research used was correlative study with cross sectional approach sampling technique was done by probability sampling. Number of samples were 50 patients who were appropriate with include criteria of research. Data was obtained by closed questionnaire such as work marking and patient expectation which consisted of 32 sub variables of service quality dimension. Analysis technique used univariate, bivariate used Pearson correlation analysis and multivariate used regression analysis and pathway analysis.
Using technique Person analysis, then was significant-closed relationship before patient satisfaction with reliability work level score is 76,8 percent and satisfaction level92 percent;r=0.457 (p=0.001), responsiveness work level score is 75,2 percent and satisfaction level 91 percent; r=0.432 (p=0.002), assurance work level score is 76,2 percent and satisfaction level 92 percent; r=0.432 (p=0.002), empathy work level score is 73,5 percent and satisfaction level 93 percent; r=0.482 (p=0.000) and tangible work level score is 76 percent and satisfaction level 90 percent; r= 0.653 (p=0.000). Regression analysis showed assurance and tangible dimension had influence over patient satisfaction for 0.382.
Conclusion of the research showed sufficient quality of service and influence directly over patients satisfaction. Most influencing on satisfaction of patients are assurance and tangible.

Kata kunci : Service quality, Patient satisfaction, Parasuraman et al model.

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