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Sidik Hananto, Tjahyani Busono
School area require a quiet environment and away from the noise. But in reality for urban areas is difficult to get a quiet location of the school. This study tried to reveal how the influence of traffic noise due to the teaching-learning process. Research SMAN 6 Jakarta, because the school is located on the road with high traffic density and the location is only separated by a sidewalk. Research method used is descriptive analytical method.
The results of this study are as follows: (1) noise levels on average at X4 classrooms for 69.3 dB lower than the noise in classrooms X7 of 73.5 dB, is possible because X4 classroom has a greater distance from the road with a difference of about 10 meters. The average noise in the two classes are still higher than the noise threshold allowed for the educational environment of 55 dB; (2) The concentration of X4-class students with lower noise level better than the concentration of X7-class students. This shows that in general the concentration of study for students affected by the noise level classroom where students are learning; (3) The process of learning the X4 class with a lower noise level is better than the classroom learning process X7

Kata kunci : City Integrated Self, Transmigration region, Regional Development

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