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Indonesia Nationalism’s Chalange In the Globalization Era

Dadang Supardan
We are still reminding that the long term multidimensional crisis, the peak moment was in 1997-2000, was the worst experience in term of politic, economy, and law crisis after the Indonesia independence. Crisis may refer to a state-nation in turbulence (chaos) which many observer called as “A Country in Despair”, a country that is not only experiencing disaster, but also drowned in a deep despair. Indonesia’s multidimentional crisis had opened all the “masks”, to its most hidden parts. This multidimensional crisis- in despair, emotionally, and sinically- had showed Indonesia as "a heap of delusions", no more nationalism, heroism, justice, unity, honesty, or proud. In conclusion, the old institusions survived with no dignity This article focuses about Indonesia Nationalism’s Chalange In the Globalization Era.

Kata kunci : nationalism, globalization, chalange, multidimensional crisis, ethnic nationalism

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