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Kegagalan Suatu Operasi Militer Sekutu Di Arnhem 1944

Background of this research was about interesting point of World War II which happened on 1939-1945. The reason of Alliance’s military operation in The Netherlands was because of the food scrace that occured on them. Alliance felt that they had to open a port where could supply logistic for the army who got battle from France to German directly. Because of that, to protect Antwerpn port-town from Germany’s offence, it was decided to take over the Arnhem, a city that had a strategist brigde which could be passed by the Alliance’s steel-army. The Battle of Arnhem that happened on September 1944, involved so many paratroops, it was the biggest number of paratoops in the history, even until now. This operation code was called as Market Garden. If it had had successed it would has a great impact to the way of World War II, because the Alliance planned to tear down the Germany’s heavy industry which had a big role to produce the war equipments of Nazi.

Kata kunci : Battle of Arnhem, World War II, September 1944.

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