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IRAK DI BAWAH KEPEMIMPINAN SADDAM HUSSEIN; Kejayaan Sampai Kejatuhannya Dari Tahun 1979-2003

Syaiful Anwar
This study begins with the author of the interest is so strong Saddm Hussein ruled Iraq, but it can easily be dropped. This study used the historical method, because the data and facts about the past. Historical methods researchers use to study these problems, while research techniques used are literature studies. The formulation of the problem is: How can a leader Saddam Hussein in Iraq?; What about the political policies of Saddam Hussein ruled Iraq (1979-2003)?; What is the role of Saddam Hussein in Iraq to build?; What caused the collapse of the regime of Saddam Hussein in Iraq? His study is the struggle to be a leader Saddam Hussein of Iraq is inseparable from the effect of the container Ba'ath Party political aspirations; policy tends to be more concerned with permanence of Saddam's rule, rather than thinking about the effects of such policies; under Saddam, Iraq's progress in various fields, namely education, economy, and the most striking is the military; collapse of Saddam Hussein's government in Iraq that can be divided into two: from domestic and abroad, from the reduction in the strength and support of Saddam, while from abroad were reduced support from neighboring countries and the international community.

Kata kunci : Saddam Hussein, Irak, Timur Tengah

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