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Heidy Deviani
This research due to the claims of the success of multiculturalism by Canada which a pioneer of the emerging policy of multiculturalism in the world. This study uses historical methods with a major problem to be addressed is "How do the dynamics of a multicultural society in Canada in 1968-2006?”. Multiculturalism which is formed in Canada cannot be separated from the presence of immigrants in this country. They came from different countries all over the world to Canada with the purpose of seeking a better life. The presence of these immigrants made Canada a country that has a lot of ethnic and cultural diversity. These waves of immigration, particularly the one which occurred after World War II have made Canada a multicultural country in the world. However, Canada multiculturalism does not run without obstacles at all as the people have different views about multiculturalism itself. Even the world community, especially those from the liberal egalitarian and rationalists considers multiculturalism is against the ideology of liberalism. To accommodate the diversity of the community, Canadian federal government introduced multiculturalism policy in 1971. This policy, which was introduced by Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau, is expected to be able to make the public more tolerant and have mutual respect for differences among each ethnic groups so an integrated nation can be created.

Kata kunci : Multiculturalism, Canada, Multiculturalism Policy, Pierre Elliot Trudeau.

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