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Rahmawati Octariasari
Starting from the interest and curiosity that is owned by the author of the geisha, the author considers this study to be very interesting to study, in the hope of knowing the existence of early occurrence geisha a geisha in Japan, until after the United States occupation forces in Japan. The method used in this study is the historical method. A geisha was born in Japan because the entertainment needs of the community, the Japanese people have a habit of gathering in places to drink tea or restaurants that provide entertainment. Penchant for Japanese society as is then made geisha can flourish in Japan. In the days before the occupation of allied troops in Japan, geisha are on top of its popularity as an artist. Advantages compared to yujo geisha (prostitutes) are of domain expertise, namely in terms of art. Yujo at that time considered to only have skills in sex only, while the geisha has more value than the skills they have and do not always rely on its beauty. during the Allied occupation notch geisha declined and many of those who turned professional, but there are also choosing to work in factories. Position number one geisha as entertainers in Japan displaced by yujo, at that time more likely to use services yujo as an entertainer rather than a geisha.

Kata kunci : geisha, Japan, and yujo.

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