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« Vol. VI No. 1 Januari 2012

The Learning Development Model of The Six Steps of Teaching Factory (Model TF-6M) to Improve The Students’ Competencies in The Subject Matter of “Produktif” in Vocational Senior High Schools

Dadang Hidayat Martawijaya
The purposes of the research reported in this article are 1) to portray the current situation of “produktif” instruction; 2) to design an instructional model which provide students with practical and industrial experiences within a school setting; 3) to formulate how this instructional design should be implemented; 4) to identify supporting factors as well as challenges which maybe setting in the way of new instructional design; and 5) to empirically verify effectiveness of the new instructional model. To this end, using Research and Development research methods, the research involved as its participants teachers of the subject matter “Produktif” and their students of class XI and class XII in SMK 6 Bandung.
Analyses of research data drawn from multiple sources have lead to the following findings: 1) teachers of the subject matter of “Produktif” have a strong belief that the “Model TF-6M” instructional design can be developed and adopted in practice; 2) practitioners from industry percieve this model as a breakthrough to enable schools to keep up with current development in industry; 3) policy makers are expected to support the tryout of the model; 4) students are enthusiastic in participating in activities of both trial and empirical verification levels; and 5) the new model has proven to be more effective than a conventional model.

Kata kunci : Teaching Factory Model TF-6M, Students Competencies, Vocational Senior High Schools

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