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« Vol. VIII. No 1. Februari 2012

Model Penilaian Kinerja Instruktur SMK Mikael Surakarta: Dalam Upaya Mempersiapkan Lulusan Siap Kerja

Tetty Setiawaty
Performance appraisal is a formal and structured system of measuring and assessing employees’ work performance using performance standards defined by organization. The focus of performance appraisal is to determine the employee productivity, whose results can later be used to motivation the employees to work better. If poor performance appraisal is found, the organization should follow up by providing training so that the employees are able to improve the performance as expected by the organization. Performance appraisals should have validity, agreement, realism, and objectivity, so that the result can be beneficial to the employee being assessed, the assessment team and the company.

Kata kunci : performance appraisal, employees, instructors and ready-to-work graduates

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