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« Volume 2, Nomer 2, Mei 2010

Viability of Cellulolytic Bacteria on Peat Carrier Materials

Anja Meryandini1*, Alowisius Tri Hartoyo Lema1, Triadiati. Departemen Biologi, FMIPA IPB, Kampus IPB Darmaga Bogor 16680
The activity of cellulase of isolates C4-4, C5-1, and C11-1, and their combination were measured on carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC). Optimum time of cellulase production of isolates C4-4, C5-1, C11-1, C4-4 + C5-1, C4-4 + C11-1, C5-1 + C11-1, and C4-4 + C5-1 + C11-1 were reached at exponential and stationary of growth phase. Cellulase of single or mixture isolates culture showed the highest cellulolytic ability in CMC compared to avicel and filter paper. The highest cellulase activity at CMC obtained from the isolates C4-4 + C11-1 culture, while the lowest obtained from the isolate C4-4 culture. Single and mixture isolates have a good viability on peat carrier materials. Cell culture population of isolates C5-1 and C5-1 + C11-1 were stable during 8 week of storage on peat at room temperature

Kata kunci : Cellulase, viability, peat

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