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« Vol. 10, No. 1, Mei 2011


Kholid A. Harras, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia
The Indonesian children literacy competence is not as bad as it is said on the published researches. Nowadays, Indonesian children are able to produce writing works as a book style and professionally published. The Indonesian children achievement in literacy aspect is not only breaking the stigma about the findings of the low of literacy competence study, but also as a proof of the success of Indonesian family in realizing family literacy programme. Family literacy is how a family learning about something, using of literacy activities as their daily activities, helping their children to improve their literacy competency, using literacy activities to interact with others and society, and how to be blended in the interaction. Family literacy programme promotes a society partnership to give flexible service system and can be accessed easily in literacy aspect for the family and their children. Family literacy programme give to best opportunity to children, parents, and members of family and baby sitter to learn and develop together. Apart from that, the family literacy education programmes can also help parents and guardians to understand and develop their roles as their children’s first educators, to improve their capability and confidence, and support language and literacy and to find out how the children and adult learn.

Kata kunci : literacy, competence, family, literacy programme

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