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« Vol. IV No. 1 Januari 2010

Analisis Sumber Daya Sekolah dan Program Penciptaan Nilai dalam Meningkatkan Daya Saing Sekolah

Agus Rahayu
This study aims at identifying school resources and programs to improve school competitiveness. It adopts a descriptive and explanatory survey technique to describe school resources and customer-oriented programs. Samples are fourty senior high schools in the district and city of Bandung. Findings show that teachers’ academic qualification significantly matches subject they teach. But the number of certified teachers is insufficient. In relation to school’s administrative personnel, the study revealed that academic qualification of administrative personnel, their experiences with administrative duties and services, and their administrative skills are inadequate. The avaibility of administrative staff is sufficient. Meanwhile, school programs provide more functional benefits than emotional ones. In general, school resources have prominent effects on the school programs and competitiveness.

Kata kunci : competitiveness, resources, academic qualification, certified teachers, administrative duties.

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