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« Vol. II No. 2 Juli 2008

Kebijakan Evaluasi Guru di Jepang

Murni Ramli
The main objective of this study is to analyze the current teacher appraisal system as a new discourse on teacher professional improvement in Japanese education system. The study was based on policies and data analysis of some cases found on the district level. The main finding of this study is that teacher appraisal system is introduced as sort of policies regarding the accountability of schooling. It is also argued as one policy influenced by the neo liberalism, which in particular aims to cut the budget spending for public services. Many social problems that happen nowadays in Japan, such as aging society, the low rate of mortality, the increase of foreign workers, the gap in economy and living cost, which should be integrated and captured in the school curriculum made the teacher appraisal system strictly performed in some districts.

Kata kunci : teacher appraisal, teacher evaluation, teacher quality, teacher professional development, school accountability

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