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I Gusti Komang Aryaprastya Agus, UPI Bandung
Increasing success kinesthetic intelligence makes the future of the child to be more cheerful, because children who have experienced an increase kinesthetic intelligence, making children healthier, easy to adjust and full of confidence. Moreover, from an early age has been equipped with a dance experience that will have an impact on the flexibility of all the organs of the body, strengthens muscles and respiratory and Courageous. Kinesthetic intelligence is the ability to use all or part of the body to do something, build closeness to consolidate and convincingly, and support others, and using it to create a new form of expression. Some types of jobs requiring this intelligence is mechanical, trainers, craftsmen, athletes, actors, and dancers or choreographers. Children as the next generation in the arts tend to be not so familiar with the art tradition. They prefer movement new dances to the accompaniment of music dangdut and western songs with fashion Nudity and not in accordance with the ethics of oriental. To anticipate the boost interest and dancing talents in children should be fostered, nurtured and nurtured from an early age. This kindergarten is one of the appropriate container to introduce and develop the art of dance in Indonesia. Children as the future generation, preferably at an early age introduced various types of traditional arts in Indonesia is very rich. One solution offered by lifting Dance Archipelago as a material to be used as the theme of an interesting learning in kindergarten.

Kata kunci : kinesthetic intelligence, kids dance archipelago, and early childhood

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