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« Proceeding " 6th Pedagogy International Seminar 2015" ISBN 978-979-3786-50-6 JILID IV Halaman: 1193-1457


1)Desy Andini, 2)Karlimah, & 3)Momoh Halimah, UPI Kampus Tasikmalayas
Instructional design development based of addition and subtraction of integers, guided by the misconceptions of students about the concepts and processes integer arithmetic operations of addition and subtraction on integer. Thus the need for development of instructional design concepts and processes integer addition and subtraction to overcome misconceptions students. Required research methods of didactical design (Didactical Design Research) to resolve the issue, the research activities carried out is to build a system based on theories and practices to establish the effectiveness of the system. Research conducted at Sindaggalih Elementary School on Tawang District of Tasikmalaya and at 5 Sukamenak Elementary School on Purbaratu District of Tasikmalaya. Data collection techniques conducted through the test instrument misconceptions, design implementation didactic, teaching observation, interviews, and documentation of each activity. Didactical design implemented through inquiry learning using a planned approach. Its implementation raises anticipation pedagogical actions related misconceptions integers, as well as arithmetic operations of addition and reduction. The findings showed that the learning experience through the concept’s discovery of integers through the interger’s balance, and the arithmetic operations of addition and subtraction through a back and forth game activities that involve physical activity through a set of steps to perform arithmetic operations. Research shows related problems experienced by students' misconceptions can be resolved.

Kata kunci : didactical design, misconception, intergers.

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