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« Proceeding " 6th Pedagogy International Seminar 2015" ISBN 978-979-3786-50-6 JILID III Halaman: 835-1181


Neneng Maelasari, Universitas Bale Bandung.............. 1073
Humans as social beings, communicate and interact between each other through the medium is language. As a means of communication, language has the function of a social and cultural function. Language as a social function is as a nexus among the community, while a cultural function, language is a means of preservation of culture from one generation to the next. It covers all aspects of human life which can not be separated from the role of human life. The role of human life is also inseparable from the role of language as a tool to expedite the process of human social. As a product of social or cultural, language functions as a social aspirations, activities and behavior, disclosure container culture including the technology created by the language user community. Language is also referred to as a mirror of his time, that is to say, that language within a certain period to accommodate what is happening in society. In the language community consists of a variety of language and cultural diversity. Society as a user of language can not be separated from education / pedagogy. Education is a shared responsibility of all human beings, the responsibility of parents, community responsibility, and the responsibility of governments.

Kata kunci : Language Diversity, Ethnocommunication, Pedagogic Perspective

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