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« Proceeding " 6th Pedagogy International Seminar 2015" ISBN 978-979-3786-50-6 JILID III Halaman: 835-1181


Isah Cahyani, UPI Bandung
Education plays an important role in improving the quality of life of the nation. This adult education prophetic be one option to create a religious education and quality character education. Prophetic education can be done through learning Indonesian language and literature. Indonesian language and literature one of which serves as a vehicle for entertainment and moral teachings. In learning Indonesian language and literature, students will be accustomed to reading aloud, instill a love of reading, writing cultivate, develop insights and discuss stories that exist in the literature. Benefits of Indonesian language and literature in education prophetic enrich arrange reasoning skills crime scene, stimulating the development of children, and support the growth of language and reasoning. The reason is that the Indonesian language and literature that provide a reasonable context of life, such as honesty and diligence.

Kata kunci : role, fairy tales, education, profertik

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