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« Proceeding " 6th Pedagogy International Seminar 2015" ISBN 978-979-3786-50-6 JILID III Halaman: 835-1181


Diana Silaswati, Universitas Bale Bandung..............975
For the poet, poetry is his pride, his blood flow, release of his expression, his personality, his trademark, his breath. The poet becomes dead, or so-called do not work, if not write poetry. Poetry is a statement of the circumstances or the quality of human life. Writing and reading poetry means trying to explore myself to the core. If someone wants to enjoy poetry, he must have the ability to put himself as a poet. Poetry, as well as literary works should be interpreted, it can also be a creative medium. Just like a dramatization of the poem, which is also a creative activity. Poems created to be read, so reading and poetry like two sides of the coin. Readings are integrated with the tone and rhythm can strengthen the atmosphere of poetry, clarify meaning and help shape the character of the poem itself. Anwar creative process as traditional roots Literature was expected to build a community to love and creativity bequeath literary works of poetry. This year even been 62 years since his death. The "beast bitch" was buried exactly 28 April 1949, he left the country very beloved by all its efforts. He was one case of a person standing in the cultural heritage of the past with a vision far ahead to promote its own culture. And above all, no less important and valuable behind Anwar is in exploring the forms of his poems that expressed by 'ego' is high, it reflects the spirit who wants to achieve independence as high as an individual, personal freedom. The notion that animates poetry and intellectual obsession lovers Satra work

Kata kunci : Capacity Building, Writing, Reading, Reflecting, Anwar

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